The Tea Trilogy


Enjoy three inspirational books that will take you on a three-step process to finding your inner joy and living with inner peace.

A TEA TRILOGY that takes you on a journey from the head, to the heart, to the Divine; while sipping tea. In the time it takes to sip a cup of tea you can change your life; little by little, sip by sip, day after day.

Dharlene Marie Fahl has captured the essence of writing a picture, as you read this book, you will feel calm and excited, like sipping a cup of tea. You do owe it to yourself, though, to read all three of her inspirational tea books. Enjoy! – Louise Roberge, President, The Tea Association of Canada
Yes, we are a society that wants everything right now but there is great wisdom in slowing things down, smelling the roses, praying, meditating, releasing and forgiving, and loving yourself, and of course, for sipping tea. This is the ultimate intention of the Tea Trilogy – to take the time to love one’s self.

The first book of the Trilogy,Sereni-Tea: Seven Sips to Bliss, will guide you to be at peace with your thoughts, to see life as the celebration it truly is through prayer, meditation, forgiveness, loving, and making empowered choices for your own well-being and serenity. Included are 36 healing and spiritual tea prayers.

If tea had a human face it would most likely look like Dharlene Marie Fahl. In her Tea Trilogy, Dharlene pens words that reflect the intrinsic qualities that make tea the drink of choice for those seeking contentment of mind, body, soul. Joe Simrany, President Tea Association of the USA, Inc.
Sancti-Tea – book two of the trilogy bridges the gap between the head and the heart. Once you are at peace with your thoughts the next growing step is to open your heart. It is said that the journey from the head to the heart is often the longest – it need not be. A peaceful mind will automatically make it easier to open the heart to heal and to love and be loved. This fiction, non-fiction combination adds an usual twist to the world of tea and inner healing. It includes 60 healing and uplifting tea prayers.

Divini-Tea – the final step and the book that completes the journey of inner healing and self-discovery. What is next after you have made peace with your thoughts and healed your heart? A relationship of your own with the Divine. A workbook of sorts that helps you analyze your previous relationship with what you believed God to be and what type of relationship you truly desire and to make note of it. The same is done for praying and your past, current and desired results from praying. Then it includes 101 uplifting tea prayers to assist you on the journey of opening up to prayer and praying from a place of wholeness and oneness with the Divine.

Please enjoy them all with my best wishes and intentions for your serenity, peace of mind and God connection.

– Dharlene Marie Fahl

image Mark ‘Dr. Tea’ Ukra

Mark ‘Dr. Tea’ Ukra

As a colleague of Dharlene Marie Fahl’s in the tea industry and author of “The Ultimate Tea Diet“, I am thrilled to see the direction she takes the reader in Sacred Sipping. Life is all about balance and in the quiet moments spent sipping this ancient beverage from the Camellia Sinensis (tea plant) everyone can achieve this emotional, mental and spiritual equilibrium. The added bonus is the physical health benefits you get from consuming tea on a regular basis. Go ahead and take the journeys in Sacred Sipping; breathe, relax, and release; with every sip there is rejuvenation and regeneration. Just say you can – and you will.
Mark “dr. tea” Ukra