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HospitaliTEA TRAINING for Management & Hourly Servers

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  • Tea sales in the U.S. 1990 – under $2 billion. 2005 thru 2008 – $8 billion.
  • Soon to reach $15 billion!
  • In 2010, the U.S. became the 2nd leading importer of tea worldwide ; surpassing the U.K.
  • The gap between coffee and tea sales is getting smaller and smaller every year. Restaurants & beverage establishments estimated to reach $18.7 billion in sales for 2012 – $10 billion for coffee – $8.7 billion for tea. World Tea News – The Year of Tea

You’re not missing out on this are you?

Let me train your staff & teach them about TEA!

DHARLENE MARIE FAHL – Certified by The Specialty Tea Institute of America

Tea Trips to China, India, Japan

If you would like your Team Professionally Trained with in-depth Tea Knowledge that will ‘wow’ your customers, or you would like to know more, please contact me on my contact page.

From Dharlene Marie,

Just over a decade ago, I asked two questions, “What is tea, anyway?” And, “Why was tea always associated with tranquility and spirituality?” As is said, and I’m paraphrasing here, ‘Only the ask the questions for which you are ready to hear the answers.’ Guess the universe thought I was ready for the answers because in asking those questions, I have been invited across the globe to remote tea fields in three different countries, connected with hundreds of wonderful tea people all over the world through the Internet,  taken hours and hours of classes, read many books on tea, attended 12 tea expos – one in Changsha, China, spoken at the first Indian tea forum, delved into learning the different cultures of tea around the world, conducted hundreds of tea presentations and tea tastings, taught managers and hourly employees of coffee and tea shops, introduced tea to culinary students, created a tea training manual, brought tea into the classrooms of middle-school students, made tea for many fundraising events, spoken at many Mother-Daughter teas, written 101 healing tea prayers, recorded tea meditation cds, written several inspirational books, as well as sipped some of the rarest and finest teas.

With growing sales in the tea market continuing year after year …. it’s time for the hospitality industry to jump on this ship while we are still climbing this wave …. we have not peaked yet …. by far. 

I have opened 9 new restaurants in my career in the hospitality industry. I have been a Director of Training for 8 of those restaurants and a General Manager of two. I know the value of proper training. I have even created a tea training manual that includes tests for trainees to monitor their progress as we move through all the tea types. The manual will remain with your business for future hires to learn about tea.

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