Shades of RED ~ The Poetry of Dharlene Marie Fahl ~

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With me there is no half way.

When I love – it is all the way.

Holding back serves no one.

Keeping a reserve is not how it is done.

When I give – I give it all.

I am not afraid to fall.

When I leap – it is in faith.

The door to my heart opens all the way.

There is no day when it opens only a crack.

I keep no score card – nothing to track.

It’s all the way – when you’re in – you are in.

When you enter – there is no wheel to spin; no luck of the draw – no roll of the dice.

I give it all – I do not think twice.

It is what it is – love is all it is. Love is all I am.

Love is a choice – it listens to the voice.

It knows the song in your heart – love is an art.

Love has no end – it has no start.

It has always been – when you’re in – you are in.

What you choose to do is up to you.

There is nothing you need to do.

Love is – always was – always will be.

Nothing to do – nothing to achieve – just believe and receive.

When you’re in – you are in.

Let the healing begin – allow yourself to feel. It is real – nothing to deny – no more tears to cry; only joy, peace and tranquility.

No walls, no borders; just endless space – infinity.

Room to grow – flowers in bloom – birds that soar – pain no more.

Souls that merge – love is the only urge – hearts that surge.

When you’re in – you are in – no space – no time.

No yours – no mine – just all that is – and love is there is.

Do you wish to come in?

Because when you’re in, Baby, you are in ….
(c)~ Dharlene Marie Fahl “RED” ~



Reach me – touch me – teach me.

See me – release me – free me.

Embrace me – warm me – erase me.

Heal me – hold me – feel me.

Take me – show me – wake me.

Choose me – be me – use me.

Take my eyes to see – have my ears to hear.

Kiss my lips so I may speak your words.

Open my heart to all the world.

Free my soul – make me whole.

Only the truth may be told.

Be my strength to make me bold; let it be your fire when I am cold.

Silence my lips when I wish to scold.

Make me your mold.

Recreate me – shape me – sculpt me.

Rejuvenate me – reenergize me – recognize me.

Let me be your mirror.

Let it be clear – that I AM you.
(c)~ Dharlene Marie Fahl “RED” ~



When you said you were going back to her – it was something you “had to do,”

it was as if that sound traveled for miles and settled in a deep, dark, and dense jungle;

Tarzan was shrieking out a cry – thumping on his chest;

And the entire jungle fell silent – everything at rest.

There we stood in the midst of a deafening silence that came with a piercing violence,

and our two hearts fell out onto the jungle floor. Neither one of us needed them anymore.

The world ceased to exist;

all of this transpiring in the mere split of a second.

And God said, “This cannot persist!”

Two loving hands scooped up our hearts and the angels washed them clean.

With lips of lightning bolts they were kissed – God knew they’d both be missed.

Thunder cracked and banged and lightening sparked everywhere.

Suddenly, there was inner panic and haste and our hearts got misplaced.

I stood with yours and you with mine.

Go ahead and keep it, for without you, I no longer need it.

When you lay with her you will feel it, you will feel ME;

that is MY heart beating in your chest.

I will hold you when I am all alone in my bed.

I’ll wrap my arms around your heart safely tucked beneath my breasts,

where you used to lay your head.

God knew I couldn’t have you so my gift was your heart instead.

I’d have to go on living, so I accepted the treasure She was giving.

I know not what your heart will do for me;

however, I will remember forever what it DID.
(c)~ Dharlene Marie Fahl “RED” ~



With two teaspoons of wishful thinking I make you mine.

I will not lose the dream inside of me.

Even if the life I am living turns out to be dream.

It is what is inside that matters most.

I can be as much as I choose to be.

I will keep all of my much-ness and not surrender a drop of it

Drink me, eat me, pinch me – I want to know what is real.

Then I will ask you to please tell me what you feel?

I’ll step forth to be the champion of my own life.

I am not here to please others or hide under the covers;

nor to get lost down a rabbit hole.

Yes, there are liars, cheaters and falsifiers.

In everlasting gratitude I honour my soul.

I cherish the goal of the dream in my heart.

There will be some that paint all their roses red and have huge swollen heads.

However, I choose to be loved rather than be feared.

Even before breakfast I choose to believe six impossible things.

One of them is you and me loving endlessly in another reality.

When sitting down to tea I shall invite whomever I please.

I will entertain and dance till I fall down on my knees.

I will slay the jabberwocky by removing its head,

and make it home to sleep in my own bed.

After all that, I will sleep alone; chilled to the bone.

If I am not to have you in this life perhaps you will be mine in the next.

Time does not exist; it is not real – what is really real is all this love I feel.
(c)~ Dharlene Marie Fahl “RED” ~



I am in the space between your every breath.

I’m in the gap of your thoughts.

The thumps between the beatings of your heart – is me.

I’m in between your words.

I fill in your blank spaces.

I read in between your lines.

I finish the sentences when you stop.

The heart beat on your pillow – is me.

I’m inside every tear drop

and in the sweat upon your brow.

When you get confused it’s me that shows you how.

I am here – in the now.

I’m in the dream that is in your heart.

It’s me that keeps it alive.

I am in the ember – the spark that never dies.

The fluttering of your heart – is me.

When your lungs cease – and your heart stops – I am still near.

And you are still here.

You’re just in between.
(c)~ Dharlene Marie Fahl “RED” ~


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