Tea Tasting at Blue Dragon Tea House

You are cordially invited to experience the difference of Blue Dragon Tea House and find out why these teas were once reserved only for emperors! For those who have already sampled the quality of Blue Dragon Teas, you will be delighted in the selection we have for you to enjoy at this event! For all the newcomers, we welcome You to our community of martial artists and tea enthusiasts. Come be part of the real scoop as we:
• Sample unique and rare teas
• Dispel Myths about loose leaf tea and herbal preparations • Give tips on how to select teas, a difference that can be tasted and felt
• Discuss much needed tea ware and helpful accessories
• Share ancient Chinese herbal folklore, based on “The Origins of Tea” written by Sifu Joel Rizzo of White Tiger Kung Fu Your tea cup awaits you to sample an exquisite Oolong, an Artistic Jasmine, and an authentic herbal formula courtesy of the White Tiger Kung Fu system. We are excited to see you soon!

Pricing for event is $20 dollars per person Bring a friend and get $5 dollars off each ticket; making it $15 dollars per person

See you there 🙂

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