Tea tasting at Blue Dragon Tea House

There are several teas we always try when we visit other tea houses wherever we travel: Gunpowder, Kwan Yin and Pai Mu Tan (white peony).  Much like standard menu options at various restaurants, for example trying the Pad Thai Noodles at every Thai Restaurant we visit, Pho noodles at Vietnamese restaurants, or Chow Mein noodles at Chinese restaurants.  This serves as a baseline for quality/flavor/preference.

This weekend we will be featuring or very own Pai Mu Tan, a beautiful bouquet of chocolate, nutty, vanilla flavors all completely natural from land. This is unlike any other Pai Mu Tan we have ever tried anywhere! No artificial flavors, no additives.  Believe it or not…100% pure tea!

Secondly we’ll be offering our Jasmine Peaches in the Sky, a gorgeous blossoming tea with tea leaves harvested from tea plants grown between peach trees to absorb natural fruit essence through the soil.

We’ll also be featuring an extremely rare and sought after green tea known for very refined qualities and smoothness.  What it is? Come find out!

These three teas are in extremely limited supply, so if you are interested, better show up Saturday!

Due to limited seating, please call Dan at 858-354-7310 or ask for Noris at 858-695-1640 to RSVP and pre-purchase tickets.  Pricing is as follows: 

$30 in advance, $40 at the door.

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