Tea, Talk & Transformation by Debbie Friedrich (hosted at Tea Gallerie)

Tea, Talk & Transformation!

Come Experience what people call ” A full body energy cleanse for the soul”
The Petal Process ~ letting go from head to toe

The Petal Process is a facilitated journey of body, mind & spirit. It is a transformational template to releasing and letting go of: emotional pain, self imposed doubts, fears of moving forward and not feeling connected.

The beauty of The Petal Process meets your highest needs wherever you are on your Spiritual journey, culitvating clarity, joy & purpose!

You will walk away with transformative tools & learn the 5 layers of letting go from head to toe to be fully open to your highest most beautiful potential. Presented by the Creator of The Petal Process™, Debbie Friedrich. Hosted by The Tea Gallerie!

We’re covering all the senses and you don’t want to miss out on this complimentary tea & talk!

Space is limited to 30 guests *reserve your seat today*

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