TAIWAN OOLONGS – with THOMAS SHU – Advanced Cupping

Please join the “AMBASSADOR of TAIWAN TEA,” Thomas Shu, from JT & TEA INC, as he takes us on a tasting & cupping journey with some of the finest teas from his country at our next Meetup.

Cupping with Thomas Shu, the “Ambassador of Taiwan Tea”

This is what will be featured:

1.) Taiwan tea history, and tea regions
2.) Understanding the cultivars development
3.) Classifications of Taiwan tea 4.) Insight on Specialty Taiwan Oolong
5.) Actual hands on cupping
6.) How to take the cupping to prepare to serve the best 

$10.00 per person paid at the door

Thomas Shu / Josephine Pan

Thomas Shu, Vice President and Marketing Director of JT & Tea Inc., parent company of ABC TEA, a third-generation tea specialist from Taiwan, where his family has been conducting tea business for more than seventy (70) years. He works with many major tea companies and premium tea importers from Asia, Australia, Europe and the United States. With his proficient expertise and extensive knowledge in teas and the tea industry, Thomas Shu is one of the most popular professional instructors/speakers of the World Tea Expo as well as other international conventions and educational institutes. He is one of the founding members and serves on the board of the American Premium Tea Institute, which has now merged with and known as the Specialty Tea Institute.

In April 2007, Mr. Shu received the honorary title of “Ambassador of Taiwan Tea”, from the Taiwan Tea Manufacturers’ Association in recognition of his dedication and contributions to tea industry. Since 2008, Thomas has been continuously conducting Taiwan Oolongs Study Tours, known as TOST. 

www.TaiwanTeaTour.blogspot.com — an intensive educational field workshop program for international tea professionals with hands on training, working with Taiwan Oolongs. Thomas manages the tea blog: www.PonFonCha.blogspot.com He can be reached at thomas@jtteainc.com. Find Thomas Shu on Facebook, Twitter. Josephine Pan is the CEO and Managing Director for JT & Tea. She organizes and plans study tour programs and educational projects for tea professionals.

Please note: This is an EVENING presentation. 6:30 – 7:00 will be our social time. Formal presentation will begin promptly at 7:00 pm. Let’s honor our guest by being on time. Thanks.

PARKING: is on the street only

We are thrilled to have this knowledgeable and very personable expert in Taiwan teas, to be with us at this gathering!


Please RSVP …. ASAP …. so we can plan accordingly.

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