Chinese Tea Tasting & Classical Feng Shui

What do Tea and Feng Shui have in common? They both originated in China and they can both promote health and wellbeing in our lives. Tap into the life-enhancing potential of your home while tasting refreshing green and white teas from China. Carefully picked at high elevation, our selection of teas are exceptionally rich in antioxidants for greater feng shui enhancement.

Pauliina Parris is a Certified Feng Shui Consultant and will introduce us to classical Feng Shui from a common sense perspective. She is dedicated to demystifying Feng Shui and empowering her clients through an understanding of its psychological and energy applications. She is also passionate about debunking Feng Shui myths and taking the “fear factor” out of Feng Shui: every home has great potential and can be enhanced in inexpensive and non-invasive ways to promote the life aspirations and wellbeing of its inhabitants. It’s all about YOU!

Learn what Feng Shui can and cannot do, how it works and how to get started. Bring all your questions and start your weekend with this informative tea moment!

Fee is $5 per person and includes education and a tea tasting of 3 teas. Please click on this link to reserve your space now:

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