Any company from anywhere in the world that would like a review done on their teas, I will start doing this and reporting my findings on this blog and on all my social media sites.

As the organizer of our San Diego TEA Meetup group with almost 650 members — some reviews will be done with the group. Those meetings are done monthly — other reviews will be done by me personally,  in a timely manner to the best of my ability.

Wellness and herbal blends accepted too — along with any other tea related items or food products containing tea.

Shipping will be to San Diego, California. I will be fair and honest.

Your success is my success and the success of TEA!

Thank you!

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Dharlene Marie Fahl is an entrepreneur and approaches everything she does with a universal, collaborative and cooperative spirit and is a CEO Space graduate and lifetime member. She has been a retail gift shop owner, a healing centre owner and operator, as well as a restaurant general manager and a director of training for a restaurant company responsible for seven restaurants. Her education and training is in Hospitality Management.

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