Yes, tea has become a huge success in our Latin countries!

Tea, and the love of tea, is growing all over the globe, literally

and figuratively. I am happy to promote a FREE ONLINE

TEA EDUCATION EVENT for all our Spanish-speaking tea

enthusiasts. November 7th thru November 12th, an entire

host of tea experts will be featured daily to impart their love

and knowledge of tea — in SPANISH.

Here’s the link to the event:

Please take a moment to check it out. If you know of anyone

whose desire to learn about tea has been hindered by a language

barrier — that need no longer be a problem!

Sylvia Perez is the organizer and a tea colleague of mine.

This is a very good thing! I support her efforts entirely!

The world of tea and tea lovers is growing daily. Now those

of all Spanish decent can learn and enjoy in the comfort of

their native tongue. AWESOME!

Sylvia Perez -- Sommolier del te.

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