We are currently witnessing 5 living generations in numbers we’ve never seen before in history!

People are living longer, Baby Boomers are turning 65 at the rate of 10,000 per day, and senior

living is about to make some huge changes to accommodate this phenomena!


The dreaded “nursing home” of the past will no longer be acceptable to Baby Boomers, nor

is it acceptable for their parents.


Builders and developers are working ferociously to get ahead of the changing statistics

and desires when it comes to senior living. Not only is the look and feel of senior life being

upgraded, but multi-generational living is very much on the rise.


Two or more generations living together under one roof is not new around the globe,

but for North America — it is the upcoming trend.


They are called granny flats, granny pods, mother-in-law suites, granny units, home-within-a-home, accessory apartment, backyard cottage, secondary suite, two-family home, etc., all of this is multi-generational living.


Baby Boomers have been nicknamed the “sandwich generation” as they are caring for their parents

and also for their college-graduate children returning home.


People can live separately under one roof, but still close enough to provide each other security.


In-home care is on the rise, too. For those wishing to “age in place,” meaning they don’t have

to live in care facilities — the care comes to them — is also affording our elderly the option to

stay in their homes much longer — and provides a break for any family caregiver. Multi-generational

living also has the option for in-home care help, as well.


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Dharlene Marie Fahl is an entrepreneur and approaches everything she does with a universal, collaborative and cooperative spirit and is a CEO Space graduate and lifetime member. She has been a retail gift shop owner, a healing centre owner and operator, as well as a restaurant general manager and a director of training for a restaurant company responsible for seven restaurants. Her education and training is in Hospitality Management.

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