In appreciation of our elders, May is dedicated to Older Americans.

Baby Boomers, born 1946 thru 1964, are turning 65 years of age at

the rate of 10,000 a day!

We are seeing the number of Super-Centenarians and Centenarians

increasing, as well. A super-centenarian has reached 110 years of age.

Centenarians are 100 years of age and above.

Sadly, just this month, the oldest woman on earth, an American, Ms.

Susannah Mushatt Jones passed away at the age of 116. The Guinness

Book of World Records for the oldest person on earth has now gone

to a lovely lady from Italy by the name of Emma Morano.

The Oldest Women on Earth

We bid farewell to Ms. Jones and can hardly imagine living to the age

she did — she was actually born 2 centuries ago!

Members of our “Greatest Generation,” born 1901 thru 1926, are still

with us. Following them is the “Silent Generation,” born 1927 thru 1945.

This now means we have 5 living generations in numbers we have never

experienced before.

Are we prepared for our seniors and their needs?

I think not …


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