Living from the heart is a happy heart and a happy heart is a healthy heart.

Healthy hearts have healed. Healed hearts have harnessed harmony. Harmonious hearts are hardy and host no hostility. Hardy hearts are harmless and heroic. Heroic hearts make history. Historical hearts become holy. Holy hearts are filled with hope. Hopeful hearts and purple hearts both badges of honour. Honourable hearts are havens and hospitable hearts. Hospitable hearts harbour and house with humility. Humble hearts heal hurting hearts.

Holes in hurting hearts heal and transform into honest hearts. Hardened hearts and half hearts become whole again. Whole hearts and hallowed hearts cause no harm and hold no hatred. Harsh and hasty hearts now heedful and helpful. Heavy hearts in hiding hesitate no more.

Heartily harken to the health of your heart.

Life on earth lived from the heart is a life lived in Heaven.


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Dharlene Marie Fahl is an entrepreneur and approaches everything she does with a universal, collaborative and cooperative spirit and is a CEO Space graduate and lifetime member. She has been a retail gift shop owner, a healing centre owner and operator, as well as a restaurant general manager and a director of training for a restaurant company responsible for seven restaurants. Her education and training is in Hospitality Management.

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