Choosing not to choose is also a choice.

America has made a choice — they’ve/we’ve elected Donald J. Trump to be our next president. It all happens today. The decision was made. If you chose not to vote — the decision was made for you — and now you have another choice to make.

How will you allow someone else’s choice — their decision — to now shape your life?

Or will you choose to choose a life of your own choosing? That no matter what has happened or is happening — you can — you WILL make empowered choices for yourself. You will make your own decisions. You will be your own commander-in-chief.   Hail to YOU!   Yes, you!

The biggest decision is WHEN.


Start small — make empowered decisions right now. Choose your own lunch. Decide on the movie of your choice. Choose your own ties. You decide what outfit makes you feel good about yourself.

Decide to say, NO. Decide to say, YES.

Stop allowing others to make choices for you. Stop leaving it up to someone else. Stop being so wishy-washy! Stand in your power. Make your own decisions! Every choice matters. And they all add up — they all determine the direction of your life. Are you in the driver’s seat — or are you riding in the back seat hoping you end up somewhere good?

The map is inside you! Turn on your inner GPS.

Decide where you’re going no matter whom it is we have chosen to put in the White House. And please don’t allow that chosen person to choose for you.

YOU CHOOSE FOR YOURSELF. YOU MAKE YOUR OWN DECISIONS FROM THIS MOMENT FORWARD. See how your life changes. See how the people around you change as you claim your own power and make your own decisions.


Choose a few moments for yourself to watch this video.

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Dharlene Marie Fahl is an entrepreneur and approaches everything she does with a universal, collaborative and cooperative spirit and is a CEO Space graduate and lifetime member. She has been a retail gift shop owner, a healing centre owner and operator, as well as a restaurant general manager and a director of training for a restaurant company responsible for seven restaurants. Her education and training is in Hospitality Management.

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