Colour and Sip Yourself Calm

Colour and Sip Yourself Calm

Colouring for relieving stress is not new — but it is certainly getting to be HUGE!

Even 100 years ago, Dr. Carl Jung was having his patients colour to ease their stressed minds.

I’m adding my own touch to this centering and active meditation — TEA — of course!

Colouring is like yoga for the mind, it also balances right brain and left brain functions, helps with focusing as well as the many other things in the link above — and when tea is added to the activity — you get the perfect mind, body and soul reconnecting experience.

Tea is constantly making the news and is well known around the world for its health benefits, for being calming but stimulating at the same time, historically associated with tranquility and spirituality, its soothing abilities, ancient rituals and ceremonial uses, for being the beverage of choice by intellectuals, etc., etc.

Tea for meditation and colouring as a meditative exercise.

But you can still make it better — yes, you can! You can reunite your family!  4 generations can easily sit down together, sip tea and colour the day (and the stresses) away.

This is my family in the photo — 3 generations — we don’t have a 4th generation right now — but for sure when we do — they’ll be colouring and sipping tea, too!

Here is some additional supporting evidence that colouring is beneficial for stress release.

You won’t believe the selection of colouring books for adults that are currently available! The last time I checked Amazon (a couple weeks ago) 6 colouring books were in the top 20 best-selling books. Yeah, they’re hot right now. Every category you could imagine has been made into a colouring — as well as many you’d perhaps never even think of! Sipping tea and colouring — wouldn’t that be a good way to start the New Year? Oh, yes it would.

Have fun!

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