A special Tea Tarty Invitation just for you!

Oh, this party will be different, but in many ways, it is also an ancient way to have tea. This tea party is a celebration of you!

Tea has a long history of being used in celebrations, rituals, meditations, and parties of all kinds.

For this special tea party invitation, the party starts off with tea for two, but then it becomes all about you.

There are great mysteries that involve tea which date back thousands of years. It was the Buddhist monks who discovered how tea leaves helped them stay awake for long periods of meditation, but at the same time, they found it also kept them calm.

This is why tea has been more associated with calming down, while other beverages are used to perk one up for short periods of times but then bring one down abruptly — tea does not do this.

The tea party you are invited to is about sipping and calming yourself down.

Tea and Meditation — both will calm you down. The health benefits of both tea and meditation are astounding. So putting them together seems like a perfect solution for whatever is causing you concern — physically and emotionally.

                                                           Calm Your Mind

There is a gift for you today — one you may enjoy over and over again.

A short pdf book that provided for you the complete sip-by-sip instructions for learning to meditate with a cup of tea.

Would you like to learn how to do this?

Here is a link that will take you to the FREE book. This link does not take you to anything you must purchase — it is a gift.

This is a tea party where you will be introduced to BLISS — something that people find is almost as mysterious as this thing called, meditation.

All you have to do is sip tea and read along. Everything has been laid out for you — this is what a good hostess will do.

It’s also just a click away … enjoy!

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