Poetry by Dharlene Marie Fahl

I am RED – Shades of RED – is my poetry.  I write poetry for the ‘Everyday Lover.’
Some of it is romantic, very romantic, some is spiritual, and some are just for fun.



Hungry – I come to you.
Parched and left dry – I come to you.
Humbled and on my knees – I come to you.
Broken but still of value – I have found my way to you.
I have come home.
All I have to offer you is my bleeding heart.
But I am still alive – I give you all I have left.
I know you know my worth and value.
I have lost my way – lost my vision.
I give you my eyes – show me the way.
Breathe life back into me – quicken this heart of mine.
Put me back on the path.
Show me love.
Take me back into the light of your love.
I have come home.
Cleanse me of my wrong doings.
Forgive me for the times I forgot to remember
that I was created in your likeness;
for my days and night lost in the darkness.
I stumbled and I fell and I forgot you were there.
And now you say you can still see my beauty?
That you never lost sight of me? Or the goodness of me?
Take me as I am – hungry, thirsty, bleeding, needing your grace.
You give fully – you believe fully – you love fully.
I shall do the same.
In the warmth of your arms – I feel your love – and I am home.
I take the drop of your love that I am
and find other droplets of your love to become oceans of your love.
And we bring life to the world;
as you have brought back the life to my world.
I came home and you welcomed me in.
~ Dharlene Marie Fahl “RED” ~



A goddess knows her power and she claims it with pride.
She radiates it and exudes it.
It’s a glow she does not hide.
It’s her gift from God;
a divine feminine essence from a well deep inside.
She does not use it to control her man –
she empowers him,
inspires him and totally desires him.
She lavishes him,
nurtures him and takes him deep inside.
He goes willingly, eager to please;
it’s a seduction, a dance, and his soul she frees.
His love he gives tenderly,
she strokes his brow gently
and his burden she reduces significantly.
Moments of passion, hours of delight,
a lifetime of bliss.
He knows her touch – the taste of her kiss.
He hungers for more – she satisfies his desire
and her heart he sets on fire.
The heart pumps the well inside of her,
her feminine power overflows.
He drinks in all of her essence –
as only her lover knows
the true glory of his goddess.
As a genuine goddess she knows and shows her true sexuality;
her sensuality and her spirituality.
They all coexist simultaneously just as they were created to be;
God lovingly placed them in her heart for all of eternity.
The goddess is me.
~ Dharlene Marie Fahl “RED” ~



Tender words of passion – whispers and moans.
Lips brushing lightly.
Forceful lips – flesh pressing tightly.
Lips parting slightly – tongues seeking desperately.
Smooth, light and lingering;
sparks that start a tingling.
Hearts race and blood flows;
the heart remembers and the heart knows.
These are the moments it truly lives for –
when it knows it’s capable of so much more;
that it desires more – yearns for more – aches for more.
Love is the key that unlocks every door.
From lover’s lips the universe sips all that it is thirsty for.
Lips that whisper words of love;
lips that sing the melody of love.
Lips pressed together amplify the frequency of love.
From the throat, the lips release the sound of love;
the chant of love – the creation of love.
Just as the Creator of love launched forth
the first vibration of
love and set it into being.
With human lips we still seek our Source.
From lover’s lips we set sail our course
and drift on the halcyon sea of love.
Take your oar out of the water and see where the
journey of love takes you to and from.
~ Dharlene Marie Fahl “RED” ~